Coming from Cruel Nature Records

Source: Cruel Nature Records.

1) Ryosuke Kiyasu + Watts ‘Zero Gap’

Snare drum and vocals collide on a long-distance collaboration by Ryosuke Kiyasu (Sete Star Sept, Fushitsusha. Shrimp et al) and WATTS (Lump Hammer, Plague Rider, Lovely Wife et al). Recorded in Japan and the U.K. respectively, and mixed by David Curle at First Avenue Studios, Newcastle. Zero Gap is constructed entirely from one snare and one delay drenched throat. Clattering and rasping around each other for just over half an hour they explore the outer range of their respective instruments’ sound worlds.

2) Black Tempel Pyrämid ‘Infinite Tombs’

Black Tempel Pyrämid is an experimental American primitive Krautrock band from Fort Collins, CO. It’s one of Patrick R. Pärk’s sonic endeavors that frequently turns meandering drunken-stoned midnight introspections into lo-fi, drone-fueled soul eviscerations.

3) e & H (eleOnora & Richard Thompson) ‘Road To Saturn’

e & H is the duo of avant-garde singer and vocalist eleOnora and RT, founder of the experimental folk project Lost Harbours. Based in the Baltics (Tallinn and Rīga respectively), their work is based around live, improvised expression through vocals, guitar and microsynths. These live recordings were made in Riga in April and June 2019.

4) Cronies ‘Cronies’

New York’s Cronies were formed by brothers Jack and Sam Carillo in June 2020, the creative offspring of Covid and isolation. Initially laying down tracks in a make-shift home-studio, they pulled in Shea and Brad, (their fellow bandmates in other New York bands Stugots, Drink Brothers, Filthy Gorgeous), swapping sounds and crafting the songs until the band could safely collaborate in person to record this, their beast of a debut album, which comes at you kicking like a mule on PCP.