New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.


Recycling is the term Tenniscoats use to describe this new release, which features re-imaginings of some of their past work. Rather than eskewing the songs, each track is infused with a sort of ebullient electronic pop, with crisp drum machines, samples of Saya’s voice and synth pads shining rays of light into their sound world. Elements of the tracks are cut, spliced and re-edited in a tongue-in-cheek DJ-remix style, but retain all the charm and beauty of the original compositions.


Weightless, whimsical but endlessly curious, this new mini album is filled with charming ditties and melodies that wind themselves deep into your consciousness. With a mixture of string, brass and percussion-based instruments, they follow the tradition of pop-based big bands, but retain a compositional compactness, allowing their intimate songs to open themselves gradually up and spread wings. Anyone who has loved those stripped back Carla Bley ballads, the gentle melancholy of Bill Wells and the ramshackle experimentalism of Maher Shalal Hash Baz will fall in love with this. Perfect music for those fading late summer nights.