Adventures In Sound And Music From July 29

Source: The Wire.

Alex Ward
From Gated

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
“Empty Skies”
From We’re OK. But We’re Lost Anyway.
(Les Disques Bongo Joe/L’Autre Distribution)

Ndenga Andre Destin Et Les Golden Sounds
From Various Cameroon Garage Funk
(Analog Africa)

Francisco Mela featuring William Parker & Matthew Shipp
“Dark Light”
From Music Frees Our Souls Vol 1

Romy Caen, Nick Ashwood & Jim Denley
“Part 2”
From Between Back And Foreground

David Toop/Akio Suzuki/Lawrence English
“It’s Winter Already”
From Breathing Spirit Forms

David Lee Myers
“GEO 2 Pannotia”
From Reduced To A Geometrical Point

Lawrence English
“The River”
From A Mirror Holds The Sky
(Room 40)

Alan Vega/Ben Vaughn/Barb Dwyer/Palmyra Delran
“High Speed Roller”
From Alan Vega After Dark
(In The Red)