A Guide to Alessandro Cortini’s Exploratory Electronic Music 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

To say that Alessandro Cortini sounds excitable in conversation is an understatement. More than once during a recent chat he mentions “running on a lot of coffee.” But there’s also the well-earned satisfaction he gets from his work: “I work every day and record stuff, so I know that there will be an output from this phase of my life, probably a little brighter than usual, even.”

His use of the phrase “brighter than usual” is key: Cortini is well-known for both his dark-hued electronic compositions and, since 2005, his participation in various iterations of Nine Inch Nails. First recruited by Trent Reznor for the tour supporting With Teeth Cortini, a few years’ break aside, continues in this role on keyboards, bass, and other instruments as well as contributing to the group’s studio work.