2021 Something Else! Festival Series — Day 1 


The very first in-person sliver of our 2021 Something Else! Festival Series at the Bay is a warm salute to one of Southern Ontario’s most valued and beloved composer-improvisers, trumpet players, and bandleaders, LINA ALLEMANO … a well-deserved send-off just before her annual pilgrimage to Berlin.

We will get to hear two of Lina’s marvellous bands. LINA ALLEMANO 4 for their second time in Hamilton, TITANIUM RIOT’s exciting inaugural performance here, and one of ROB CLUTTON-led, long-running, brilliant projects, CLUTTERTONES for their third visit here!

Cello-banjo duo of ANDREW DOWNING & TIM POSGATE, we’re very happy to hear for the first time. A one time Hamilton resident, BRODIE WEST solo sets have not been heard in 6-7 years here! Representing Hamilton always with generous panache and appropriate fire, glassEYElashes never disappoint. They will be a welcome edition to this love-in!

Performance Schedule:
12:00 —> Cluttertones
12:40 —> Brodie West Solo
13:00 —> Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot
14:00 —> Andrew Downing & Tim Posgate
15:00 —> G l a s s E Y E l a s h e s
16:00 —> Lina Allemano Four