Pamela Z ‘s Latest Album Reviewed

Source: I Care If You Listen.

Pamela Z is as wise, cultured, and artistic as she looks — and at the same time, is more than what meets the eye. She is the personification of eclectic style and sound. She is an innovator who has made her mark as an artist, especially in the realm of sonic expression. If one had to define her living work, she would exist as a composer, performer, and media artist who focuses heavily on the voice. What is intriguing about her work with the voice is the way she manipulates and reverberates it through sampled sounds, electronic processing, and video. As a pioneer in the live digital looping space, Z creates these complex sonic layers that are chaotically cohesive, leaving audiences in awe. Much of this comes through in her new project A Secret Code — her third album in her decades-long career.