First Program Announcement For Unsound Kraków 2021: dəəp authentic

Source: Unsound.

Unsound 2021 will feature the premiere of ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE’s score for the horror film CANDYMAN, directed by Nia DaCosta and produced by Jordan Peele. Robert is known well to experimental music fans for his work marrying modular synthesis and voice. Lowe says, ‘This presentation is an electro acoustic score that is the culmination of months of collaboration and investigation of the folklore attributed to the trauma of black bodies. The intention was to produce a sonic landscape that existed as a character within the film while honoring the cinematic legacy of the story as well as the universe created by Clive Barker.’ Joining him on stage are Matthew Morandi, Randall Dunn, Brent Arnold, Polish musicians Hubert Zemler and Resina as well as Kraków’s Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble. Like Unsound premieres for Chernobyl and Stranger Things scores, the 80-minute show will focus on the music and immersive lighting. Co-presented with Kraków Film Music Festival, a first round of tickets also go on sale on July 20th, priced at 90 PLN.

Part of Unsound 2020’s online edition, WEAVINGS was a durational improvisation conceived and curated with NICOLÁS JAAR, featuring 12 instrumentalists from around the world performing via Zoom. For Unsound 2021, Jaar has created a visual score to present Weavings IRL. Names will soon be released, including several artists from the original transmission. Listen to a section of the original Weavings on the Unsound Intermission album.

SHACKLETON & ZIMPEL present THE SPIRIT STILL REMAINS, a new commissioned performance involving alto clarinet, electronics and voice. Broadly understood as ritual and devotional music, the work will explore transcendence, love and death. In a special show featuring the freshly formed Phoenix Ensemble – made up of Kraków classical musicians – EARTHEATER will perform Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin live, an album of experimental songs composed around guitar, strings and electronics that blur the acoustic and synthetic.

ZOSIA HOŁUBOWSKA and JULIA GIERTZ’s COMMUNITY OF GRIEVING is another work whose original presentation was at Unsound 2020’s online edition, drawing on traditions of vesper, lament and sonic meditation. The work will now be presented IRL, involving live voice, choreography, costume and set design. Listen to a section of Community of Grieving on the Unsound Intermission album here.

Also a continuation of a project initiated for Unsound 2020 online, Polish percussionists HUBERT ZEMLER and MIŁOSZ PĘKALA will perform the music of JLIN, as well as their own compositions inspired by film and theatre music by PENDERECKI. Joining them is pianist and composer GRZEGORZ TARWID. Chicago clarinetist, keyboardist, composer and singer ANGEL BAT DAWID is one of the most original artists in jazz in recent years; she will perform solo (we can also already reveal that she will be part of Weavings!).

In 1968, New Zealand composer ANNEA LOCKWOOD wrote PIANO BURNING, a piece in which a performer lights up an upright piano beyond repair, then plays the instrument for as long as possible, until it is engulfed in flames. Curated with Lawrence English/Room 40, Piano Burning at Unsound holds a special resonance this year acting as a meditation on the pandemic and its impacts on the very nature of live performance.