New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.


For this release for Takuroku Vasco pares his tools back, sculpting a work based on a solo cycling trip he made through a long road in Portugal in the summer of 2020. The road was built in the 1940s, connecting the top of the country to the bottom via a winding central route. Recording the names of towns and villages with his phone and using that list of names as the spine for these recordings, he then adds a set of volatile synthesis systems, forming a bed of stripped-backed electronics for the text to thread itself through.


Shot in an empty OTO, ‘Dresser Music’ is set on the margins of a photoshoot, in a world created by Alicia Gladston, with Ilana Blumberg’s 2021 knitwear collection i-Lana as its genesis. As sets and scenes come and go throughout the space, the piano interrupts and underwrites the opaque dialogue that constructs the magic of the photograph. Working with the act of clothing, building, specific technology and machinery, manual work, anacrusis, group endeavour and obedience, how forces act upon fabric and threads, tropes of the industry of fashion, the relationship between a person and their machine.