New Music Scotland Awards Announced

Source: New Music Scotland. Probably not all of these are that outside, but worth checking out anyway.

Good Spirits Co Award for Innovation in New Traditional Music
– WINNER: The Declaration: GRIT Orchestra

Award for Large Scale New Work (11+ performers), sponsored by PRS for Music
– WINNER: Above the Stars: Aileen Sweeney

Mark McKergow Award for Innovation in Jazz
– WINNER: Corto Alto: Liam Shortall

Award for Installation/Sound Art/Electroacoustic New Work
– WINNER: these bones, this flesh, this skin: Martin Suckling with Joan Clevillé and Genevieve Reeves

The ISM Award for New Music in Covid Times
– WINNER: Lochan Sketches: Nevis Ensemble

Locavore Award for Environmental Sustainability
– WINNER: Scottish Classical Sustainability Group: Nevis Ensemble/Scottish Ensemble/various

Award for the Recording of New Music sponsored by VoxCarynx
– WINNERS: David Fennessy: Letters and The Night With…Live Vol. One

The Dorico Award for Small/Medium Scale Work, sponsored by Steinberg
– WINNER: Plastica: Edwin Hillier

The Dorico Award for Solo Work, sponsored by Steinberg.
– WINNER: Skydance: Ailie Robertson

The SMIA Award for Creative Programming
– WINNER: 2020 programme: Scottish Ensemble

The RCS Award for Education/Community Project
– WINNER: StAMP: Wallace Collection/St Andrew’s University

EVM Award for New Music in Media
– WINNER: Sayo: Luci Holland

The RCS Award for Making It Happen
– WINNER: Aileen Sweeney and Ben Eames: Ear to the Ground