CMC Multilocation Starts Next Week

Source: Canadian Music Centre.

Among those featured are acclaimed sound artist claire rousay, who will be presenting a video performance as well as a conversation with April Aliermo. We’ll also hear from Andrew Wedman—creator of the bass piano—who will be performing and engaging his considerable knowledge as a piano techinician for a workshop on creative piano-altering strategies. Bassist and composer Rob Clutton, whom Jazz Journal describes as a “formidable presence on the Toronto jazz scene” will also unveil a new piece, as will rising-star exploratory guitarist Jessica Ackerley whose latest release was hailed by Popmatters as “a dazzling journey through the grieving process.”

Following a much-touted solo recording on the Halocline Trance label, Torontonian multi-instrumentalist Colin Fisher continues his investigation of resonant public (but often tucked-away) spaces using the tenor saxophone. The Montréal duo of percussionist and composer Isaiah Ceccarelli and early keyboard specialist Katelyn Clark (both of whom appear in Another Timbre‘s discography) will provide a deep listen, while Sonia Paço-Rocchia offers a special interactive work. Keyboard colourist Robin Hatch, harp adventurer Grace Scheele, and trumpet texturist (and previous EVERYSEEKER composer-in-residence) Nicole Rampersaud will each be contributing, as will Gaudeamus Muziekweek alumnus, composer William Kuo, lauded Brazilian-Canadian pianist Luciane Cardassi, and innovative Halifax-based cellist India Gailey.

The event will also see the CMC partnering with various artists and organizations for an array of exciting programming. This will include the relaunch of Eric Chenaux and Martin Arnold’s beloved Rat-drifting imprint after a ten-year hiatus, album release events for works by JUNO-nominated composer Rose Bolton (on Important Records’ Cassauna series), and by Dame Cook (co-presented with FAWN Chamber Creative). The virtual series Understory spearheaded by Germaine Liu, Parmela Attariwala, and Nicole Rampersaud, entails “exquisite corpse”-style collaborations between various artists scattered across Canada and will also make its debut.