New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.


Yamamoto’s solo acoustic performance succeeds in combining dynamism, melodicism and polyrhythm, fusing overwhelming volume with delicate technique. Retaining all the sense of focus and intensity that characterised his debut release, Yamamoto opts for a kind of chiselled minimalism on ano kane wo narasu. Recorded in one take while imagining he’s playing a “no-audience & no live-streaming” gig, he creates a cocooned sonic space, sown together by bowed cymbals and gentle gong hits, forming textural work that shrieks, sighs, moans and folds into itself. As the piece develops, Yamamoto engages with cyclical rhythmic play, lifting his sound world from a cauldron of swelling drones skyward. An absorbing work of emerging and collapsing sound – threaded together with a masterful deft hand.


Stevie recorded this new work in GTAC, a dance space in Govan that provided an escape and sanctuary during the pandemic. ‘Static Cling’ is a documentation of an artist giving himself the time and means to finally go inward, explore, and share with us the delectable results.

Tracks ‘Gleeking’, ‘Quiver’, ‘Rust Miasma’ and ‘Static Cling’ find an affinity with the homespun wizardry of Bruce Haack and General Strike, seeing Stevie build bubbling, exploratory electronica from a limited set of means. Tracks ‘Apricate’, ‘Switch Steal’ and ‘Cochlea’ see his brittle double bass playing take the fore, staining the sound field with rattling slaps, thick cyclical swells and swamp-like dirges. Elsewhere he lets these approaches bend and find new shapes with textural work, letting delicate prepared guitar and tape playing lean against and provide jolts to his unfurling sound world.