Harmonic Series 1/6 is Out

Source: Harmonic Series.

I interview Sasu Ripatti, a Finnish sound artist with a variety of distinctive projects under different monikers though perhaps best known for his work as Vladislav Delay. Over video chat, we talk about wilderness and silence, frustrations around extramusical trappings and the value of music, hip hop, collaborations, writing, and always changing, challenging, exploring in his practice.

Ryan Packard – microcerculus marginatus (2016)

Bent Duo – Ramble (self-released, 2021)
Sam Dunscombe – Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco (Black Truffle, 2021)
Julia Eckhardt – Time Suspension (Back and Forth) (Takuroku, 2021)
Barbara Monk Feldman – Verses (Another Timbre, 2021)
Rip Hayman – Waves: Real and Imagined (Recital, 2021)
José Luis Hurtado – Parametrical Counterpoint (KAIROS, 2021)
Seth Kasselman – UV Catamaran (self-released, 2021)
Frantz Loriot – While Whirling (Thin Wrist, 2021)
Anastassis Philippakopoulos – wind and light (elsewhere, 2021)
Keith Rowe – Absence (Erstwhile Records, 2021)
Biliana Voutchkova – Seeds of Songs (Takuroku, 2021)
Yan Jun/Zhu Wenbo – twice (Erstwhile Records, 2021)