Jazzword Reviews 

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Ritual for Expansion

The Locals
Play the Music of Anthony Braxton

Hubert Dupont
Trio Kosmos

Warped Dreamer
Live at Bimhuis

Bertrand Gauguet & John Tilbury

Gianni Mimmo/Luca Collivasone
Rumpus Room

Audrey Lauro/Giotis Damianidis
Dark Ballads

Alban Darche
Le Gros Cube #2

Orchestrer Brez Meja/Orchestra Senza Confini
Live in Nova Gorica

Cecil Taylor & Tony Oxley
“…….being astral and all registers – power of two”

Joshua Abrams’ Cloud Script
Cloud Script

Sergio Armaroli

Sergio Armaroli/Fritz Hauser

See Through 4
Permanent Moving Parts