New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.


‘Modern Living’ is very much informed by research into the area and the politics of the Lithium economy and the intersections between landscape, psychotropic medicine and global trade. Aspects of the record were written from a speculative perspective, in anticipation of my visit to the salt flats, other aspects were written in retrospect, trying to recall emotions and observations of alchemy and colonialism, futuristic land art, and the overwhelming sense of absence and alien melancholia that the salt flat instilled within me. The music synthesizes both digital and analogue sources, as a means to abstract both the material and the immaterial, to mimic sounds of fluidity and evaporation, heat and sunlight, the ancient and the ultramodern.


“I made these recordings when travelling around the Oaxaca state in Mexico in February this year. I was following a trail of historic organs, but most of them were unaccessible. In the meantime, I discovered that many small churches in villages were open but rarely visited, and I realized they were actually perfect recording venues… I discovered stunning mountainous landscapes, and I would transmit these beautiful experiences later when singing in the spaces. Sometimes I decided to get off road just when I saw an interesting spot. Sometimes I would go very far just to find out a church is closed, but then I would find a different one open nearby, and it would resonate with wonderful sound I did not expect. Whenever there were people in some of churches my interaction and recording would be more fragile as I didnt want to disturb anyone in their prayers.” – Antonina Nowacka