Col Legno New Releases

Source: Col Legno.

Xiaoyong Chen – Qian & Yan
Xiaoyong Chen, played by the E-Mex Ensemble and the Chai Found Music Workshop, under the direction of Christoph Maria Wagner. A DLF coproduction.

Christoph Zimper – The Millennials Mass
The debut album of the Austrian clarinetist and composer Christoph Zimper!

Paul Frick – Court Knicks
Apart from Brandt Brauer Frick and most recently Tangerine Dream, Paul Frick presents his new album ‘Hofknicks’ together with col legno.

Lukas Ligeti – That Which Has Remained …
Lukas Ligeti created a unique word-sound document in the context of the history of Polish Jews. Extremely moving and absolutely worth hearing!