New Anthony Braxton Boxed Sets Reviewed

Source: burning ambulance.

At seventy-six years of age, perhaps no living musician has done more to explore and interrogate the worlds of improvisation and the avant-garde more than Anthony Braxton. He has constructed an entire world of music all his own from a seemingly endless amount of recordings and academic material, trying to get to the heart of music as he sees it. His work can be intimidating and at times exhausting in the best possible way. Diving into his obsessive musical explorations can be an addictive experience, and there is never an endpoint for those who want to keep going down Braxton’s rabbit hole.

Case in point: Braxton has two monumental releases coming out in June of 2021. First was the June 4 release of 12 Comp (ZIM) 2017, via Firehouse 12 Records. This is out as a Blu-Ray audio disk and features over 11 hours’ worth of music, exploring his Language music. This will be followed next week by Quartet (Standards) 2020, a 13-CD set of live performances by his quartet, exploring the standard repertoire in concerts recorded last January.