Degrees Of Freedom Found By Blue Gene Tyranny Reviewed

Source: The Quietus.

This time of loss was heightened by the continuing disaster of COVID, but the loss was present already, almost woven into the system, as people leave, institutions disappear. It makes considering the new box set by “Blue” Gene Tyranny all the more of a task because if all had been well, the artist first named Joe Gantic then Robert Sheff would be here and carrying on. Yet health had been an issue for years, and while the 6CD set Degrees Of Freedom Found, fully planned by Tyranny beforehand and with extensive notes throughout from him, now has to be tagged as monumental precisely because it is now a monument, a salute to the departed, it still doesn’t feel like it was intended to be. The death of this pianist, keyboardist and writer provides a loss not merely of the artist but the context, the astonishing weaving pattern which someone can show in living life and being in the world. So much is said about the outsider artist but Tyranny perhaps was never truly outside, in the best of ways.