New Label Spoonhunt Puts Out Its First Three Albums

Source: Dominic Lash.

The first three Spoonhunt CDs are now available – acoustic free improvisation, large ensemble noise, rockist free jazz, and a bit of Schubert. Also including one of the final live performances by guitarist and pioneering improviser John Russell.

All titles were recorded live at the legendary Cafe Oto in London by Shaun Crook, and feature graphic design by Matthew Grigg. The three albums are:

Limulus by the Dominic Lash Quartet (with Javier Carmona, Ricardo Tejero, and Alex Ward)

Distinctions by Consorts (Douglas Benford; Steve Beresford; Marjolaine Charbin; Chris Cundy; Seth Cooke; Angharad Davies; Phil Durrant; Matthew Grigg; Bruno Guastalla; Martin Hackett; Tim Hill; Tina Hitchens; Sarah Hughes; Mark Langford; Dominic Lash; Yvonna Magda; Hannah Marshall; Helen Papaioannou; Yoni Silver; Alex Ward)

Discernment by John Butcher / Dominic Lash / John Russell / Mark Sanders