Harmonic Series 1/5 is Out

Source: harmonic series.

I interview Nate Cross, who runs the Austin, Texas-based labels Astral Spirits and Astral Editions and currently plays in USA/Mexico. Over video chat, we talk about some aspects of starting and running a label, the impact of Bandcamp, the co-operative Catalytic Soundstream, labels as communities, advocacy, and recreating that special record store feel in the digital age.

mattie barbier – untitled i (2020)

Lisa Cameron & Sandy Ewen – See Creatures Too (Astral Spirits, 2021)
Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage – Blues Alif Lam Mim (Blank Forms, 2021)
Bryan Eubanks & Xavier Lopez – Natural Realms (Sacred Realism, 2021)
Sarah Hennies – Psalms (self-released, 2021)
Magda Mayas’ Filamental – Confluence (Relative Pitch, 2021)
Microtub – Sonic Drift (Sofa, 2021)
Yoshi Wada – The Appointed Cloud (Saltern, 2021)