Lost in Space Music: Records That Explore the Outer Limits 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Space music, space rock, kosmische Musik: these are all well-known genres that share a cosmic aesthetic—a sense of expansiveness meant to capture feelings of awe, mirroring our deep connection with the universe that surrounds us, and the thrill of space exploration and science fiction narratives. It’s music that offers fantasias of the final frontier.

But there is another kind of space music, and this type is not a genre, but a concept. This is music that’s literally about outer space itself: its nature and substance, the experience of being in it, its effect on human beings, and the ways we interact with it. The stylistic range of this music is immense; it includes records made by Sun Ra as well as records made by NASA, which not only compiled music to be sent into space (the 1977 Voyager spacecrafts’ Golden Records), but also released the album Symphonies of the Planet, which features sounds captured by the Voyager probes. (Sounds in space? Yes, they’re there.)