Manja Ristić’s Field Recordings 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

From its origins as an ethnographic practice in the ’40s and ’50s, to its popularization in the 1970s by way of Bernie Krause’s legendary soundscapes, to its continued proliferation today, the universe of “field recordings” has expanded considerably over the past century—not only in terms of construction, but sophistication. High-tech recording equipment, broad soundscapes, and exotic backdrops are the new norm. To listen to most contemporary field recordings is to experience nature’s might in maximum definition, divorced from emotion.

Manja Ristić will have none of that. Instead, she turns her ear to her immediate surroundings and documents them diary-like, sparing no detail. Dripping taps, broken radios, humming refrigerators, bubbling bogs: in her compositional mindset, true magic—and emotional weight—stems from the mundane. “I’m very sensitive and sensory-aware,” she says.