Black Editions Group Upcoming Releases

Source: Black Editions Group.

Jean-Luc Guionnet l’épaisseur de l’air

l’épaisseur de l’air (the thickness of air) is French artist Jean-Luc Guionnet’s first ever solo saxophone album after more than three decades dedicated to the instrument. Since the 1990’s Guionnet has built a renowned oeuvre of thrilling works with pipe organs, electronics, and field recordings as both an improvisor and composer; here he exposes sides of the alto saxophone that have rarely, if ever, been explored. His tone is as clear as direct sunlight, so when he boils it in mud or scratches at it as if for air, his emotion is palpable. A double-LP masterpiece and a definitive statement about the profound physical relationship between an improvisor and their instrument.

Frantz Loriot While Whirling

While Whirling is French-Japanese violist Frantz Loriot’s second solo album and an absolute masterclass in developing a radically personal musical language. Loriot unleashes the essence of the viola as an explosive expressive force; pushing the instrument to extremes, he ceaselessly explores its most subtle and unexpected sonorities. From a single acoustic string instrument, Loriot miraculously teases and evokes hallucinatory impressions of harpsichords pounded, bells struck, electronics cracked, dirt shoveled; Loriot has created a unique, personal music filled with moments of textured transcendence and tension-filled tenderness.