AMN Reviews: Supervøid – The Giant Nothing (2021; Subsound Records)

Cosmologically speaking, the supervoid is a region of space that is remarkably less dense with matter than the rest of the universe. That notion of relative nothingness does not quite translate to this group of the same name, despite the title of their debut album being The Giant Nothing. While minimalist in a post-rock sense, there is plenty to pay attention to in and between its doomy, ponderous riffs.

Consisting of guitarists Eraldo Bernocchi and Xabier Iriondo, with drummer Jacopo Pierazzuoli and guest cellist Jo Quail, Supervøid lays down the heaviness (note: Bernocchi and Quail appeared together in a stellar trio with FM Einheit a few years back). Bernocchi and Iriondo grind out chords of various tempos with tuned-down guitars, while Quail overlays drones and wailing yet patient solos. Each piece centers around a few signature melodies, and there is the obligatory Black Sabbath nod. Nonetheless, The Giant Nothing manages to be appealing with its subtleties as well as sheer power. Quail, who is equally comfortable in a metal band as a classical orchestra, adds a level of texture and nuance to the album that lifts this offering beyond being just another heavy instrumental release.

It takes a bit of hubris to name your group after something as vast and mysterious as a section of the universe. But if the goal is to produce a commensurately immense sound, one could argue that Supervøid has attained that objective.