The Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: April 2021 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

This last month marked the annual remembrance of Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th,” an instrumental piano piece whose legacy has garnered devotees across the world of neoclassical and ambient composers. On Drukqs, an album filled with icy, acid-laced freak outs and baroque harpsichord compositions, “Avril 14th” stood out for its simplicity and tranquility. It also was a moment of humanity and subjectivity in an album that so often feels opaque and removed from reality, with most song titles (and the album title) composed of made-up words. “Avril 14th,” as an excellent retrospective in The New York Times this month discusses, carries a legacy for both its simplicity and its blatant emotionality, drawing comparisons to Erik Satie and Claude Debussy. A similar sense of subdued wonder can be heard across this month’s ambient selections, from the cicada-filled compositions of Ben Seretan to the pop-leaning field recordings of claire rousay.