New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.

Tori has kindly shared with us the lyrics to Track 1 below, both in English and Japanese.
Practice! Performance
Biopolitical meetings of
Flowers and spring breeze
The flag is about to fall on the base of the ridge
Grabbed a bunch of hair
Pass between heaven and earth
Shown another artificial meat
A pillar that stirs jealousy
You can’t stand on the foundation of *Waka
The design is endless, so run, the truth
Get off at Mt. Shoji using the elevator inside
Decide whether to climb in pairs or not
Don’t show off if you crush the viper
Get off the elevator inside

Julia Eckhardt is a musician and curator in the field of the sonic arts. She is a founding member and artistic director of Q-O2 workspace in Brussels, for which she conceptualized various thematic research projects. As a performer of composed and improvised music she has collaborated with numerous artists, and extensively with Eliane Radigue. She has performed internationally, and released a number of recordings. She has been lecturing about topics such as sound, gender and public space, and is (co-)author of The Second Sound, conversation on gender and music, Grounds for Possible Music, The Middle Matter – sound as interstice, and Éliane Radigue – Intermediary Spaces/Espaces intermédiaires.