The New Sound of Ambient in Argentina 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Experimental music has always had a place in the rich culture of Argentina. Punk and new wave became popular in the country during the ‘80s, and by the end of that decade—helped by the success of bands such as Soda Estéreo—Argentine music became popular in other parts of Latin America and Spain. But as mainstream bands and record labels cashed in, outsider artists favored a spirit of improvisation, inspired by the psychedelic rock and kosmische Musik that circulated in the local record fairs and underground venues. By the beginning of the ‘90s, more experimental bands had begun to emerge—hard-to-classify groups that borrowed equally from pop, funk, alternative, and indie rock. Aided by the cheap production cost of CDs, new independent labels were born. Among them was Sonoridades Amapola, a label created in 1994 by the musicians Fernando Lamas and Sebastián Mondragón, members of the band Estupendo. Their first album, Bistro Malaga, was a mix of disco and electropop.