Influx Offers Online Acousmatic Concert

Source: Influx

On Wednesday the 5th of may at 9pm (UTC+2), will take place our fourth online concert on our youtube channel.

On the program:

ONLINE CONCERT #4 – Generation 1946-1956 – First part

Ingrid Drese, Ines Wickmann – “Landscape with mirror” (video-music) 2006
Patrick Ascione – “Figures of style : Ascionerie n°2” (acousmatic) 2006
Christian Calon – “Lettre à M'” (acousmatic) 1995.
Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans – “Ouf” (acousmatic) 2021
Michel Chion – “Credo mambo” (acousmatic) 1992

In order to attend this concert online, please visit our youtube channel on Wednesday May 5, 2021 at 9pm (UTC+2):

A second online concert will be dedicated to the 1946-1956 generation and will take place on May 19th also on our youtube channel.