Residency Earth’s Forest Music

Source: Forest Music.

Residency Earth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the experimental sonic arts and connecting artists to various landscapes, ecosystems, communities and disciplines across earth. We are an artist-run collective that aim to establish and model new structures that support and nurture the artistic process through globally-networked residency programs nd presenting work to broad audiences.

Today we also launch our first project titled Forest Music. Forest Music was originally scheduled as a single lineup of live presentations of sound works in Nov. 2020 in Forest Park, Portland, OR. In response to an updated pandemic mandate on public assembly, the project shifted into the form of a no-audience, open-air performance series which took place throughout the winter of 2020-2021 in various areas throughout Oregon. Artists include CV + JAB (Christina Vantzou & John Also Bennett), GUZO (Maddy Villano), John Also Bennett (solo work), JP Jenkins + David Weinburg, Morgan Ritter.