Oslo Label HUBRO Highlights Norway’s Progressive Jazz Scene

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Launched in 2009, the Norwegian label HUBRO has quickly established itself as a champion of the country’s progressive jazz and improv scenes. The Oslo-based venture was founded by Andreas Meland, who was working as the Norwegian label manager for the iconic jazz label ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) at the time. Meland founded HUBRO as a way to “pursue a desire to take part in nurturing the artistic process again,” and to rectify the fact that “there weren’t enough labels around putting love, money, and time into helping and nurturing all the great artists and musicians.”

HUBRO’s inaugural project was Arbor, the second album from acoustic doom-jazz trio Splashgirl. Since then, the label has built up a rich vault of over one hundred releases, all of which combine a forward-thinking compositional mentality with a strong sense of musical history. In the HUBRO discography, glass harmonicas and traditional Norwegian Hardanger fiddles mingle with modern digital sampling techniques and waves of vibrating drone-style synths, creating immersive ambient experiences that can feel both pastoral and futuristic at once.