New Clean Feed Releases

Source: Clean Feed.

Dominique Pifarély Quartet “Nocturnes”
This quartet has been Dominique´s working unit and the perfect display for his compositions and improvisational concept through dark areas or dense beautiful music. Much to enjoy and discover at each listening.

Courvoisier / Rothenberg / Sartorius “Lockdown”
A piece of delicatessen delivered by this cooperative trio. Restrain and expression, beauty and joy. A masterpiece.

Cortex “Legal tender” (LP)
Coming out several years ago out of the rich Oslo scene, Cortex gained respect and admiration all over the globe as a powerhouse super group. “Legal Tender” like all predecessor records they made it’s the strongest release to date. That says all about a band that steps firmly in the tradition of free bop but totally with a XXI century approach.

Innanen / Pasborg / Piromalli “This is it”
This is music that is so honest and apparently so simple that can suit everybody’s ears. Inspired by the great organ trios from the 60’s it surely brings some serious groove but at the same time you know that it cannot come from that era.

Hearth “Melt”
We could call this is a stellar band full of girl power but we won’t even if politically correct. The fact is that these four extraordinary musicians came together to join for a residency in Portalegre in 2019 and the results are just unique as they are.

Chrome Hill “This is Chrome Hill” (LP)
If there was a genre for Chrome Hill I would call it Space Western Jazz as they really created a universe that blends in a futuristic intergalactic way the sound of Hank Marvin through Terje Rypdal. Surreal? Listen to the music and you’ll see, This is Chrome Hill!

Jonas Cambien Trio “Nature Hat Painted the Body”
Third chapter for Jonas trio joining forces again with his longtime mates Andre Roligheten and Andreas Wildhagen. The trio has a unique sound since the very first note of a miraculous universe made out of delicate small details that can get so big that can blow ones mind as mine.

Space Quartet “Directions”
The Space Quartet is definitely the most organic and closer to the limits of Jazz from all Toral’s bands. It’s been clear for some years now that Rafael deals with acoustic and electronic feedback as fast in response as any other conventional instrument. Then everything is about the space both physical and metaphorical as we all know as the Place.

André Fernandes “Kinetic” (LP)
The hyper active guitarist André Fernandes gave birth to Kinetic to play the music of some composer friends he admires (David Binney, Ohad Talmor, Akiko Pavolka, Sara Serpa, Perico Sambeat and Xan Campos), in a band shared with some of them (saxophonist Sambeat and pianist Campos, both from Spain, are involved).

Oker “Susurrus” (LP and CD)
There are inspirations here from folk, minimal composed music, improvised music and maybe even post rock, all formed in a way that sounds like nothing but Oker. “Sussurus” gives us a kind of concrète, acousmatic music where tapes or electronic devices are replaced by acoustic instruments. And it sounds beautifully.

The Selva + Machinefabriek “Barbatrama”
The post-production electronic processings of Machinefabriek enabled the musicians to go to unpredictable consequences: a puzzling sort of cybernetic tribal music, primeval dance rhythms associated with the space imaginaries introduced by Sun Ra but also Tangerine Dream.

João Lobo “Simorgh” (LP)
Simorgh is an exploration of Lobo’s eclectic musical realm which means rhythmical oceans and melodic hills, big landscapes with very far horizons that seem out of time and space. This is very original music only possible in Lobo´s world.