New Focus Recordings Takes Classical Out of the Concert Hall

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

The New Focus Recordings catalog is a who’s who of modern composed and improvised music. Since its founding by guitarist Dan Lippel and composer Peter Gilbert in 2004, the label has released approximately 300 albums, representing everything from no-wave-style electric guitar quartets to reimagined recordings of romantic-era composers, electroacoustic experimentations to contemporary classical compositions. These days, New Focus adds a new album nearly every week under its main archive, or on one of its many sub-labels. “It really is about freedom to make the project you want to make,” says Lippel. “I don’t really buy into the idea that a label’s identity or brand would be tied necessarily to genre or style […] if it feels sincere, it feels genuine to me. I want the label to be a space for that kind of work.”