Upcoming Sacred Realism Releases

Source: sacred realism.

SR012 The Mighty Cloud Especially Songs
A remarkably poetic debut of subtlety and finesse, the sound-worlds meticulously fabricated by Portland’s Dave Quam (FKA Massacooramaan, Modern Melodies) and Seoul’s Joe Foster (English, Don Brown and Dan Reynolds) on Especially Songs chart a course through meaning that lures the traveler into not one but many places, lives, beings, composers, movies, rabbit holes of both rodent and Youtube, and then feed the resulting itinerary into a Boltzmann machine, emerging from the process with something akin to divinity: a rest-stop strange loop where nothing is where you expect to find it but everything is in its proper (poetic) place.

Bryan Eubanks & Xavier Lopez Natural Realms
Between 2014 and 2018 Bryan Eubanks and Xavier Lopez developed an analog networked duo music based on the harmonics of random feedback, using this information to shape generative rhythms and other juxtapositions in real time. Adding soprano saxophone and percussion to the mix made what could be a stable machine system human again – a machine is not a thought – flaws and fluctuation giving life to momentary crystal time forms. The music in this debut recording captures this idiosyncratic work at it’s height, recorded on an August afternoon in the front room of Studio 8, a bar in Berlin-Wedding which regularly hosted concerts from 2013 – 2018. The recordings are raw, unprocessed improvisations, capturing a decisive music at work.