New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.

KIRK BARLEY / CHURCH ANDREWS – PARALLELS Under his own name, Kirk embraces floating four world motifs. Juiced-up keys spurt and twinkle in an algorithmic maze, sprouting swirling motifs and melodies before dissolving in a synthetic water bath. On the ‘Church Andrews’ flip he lets these tools slip out of free motion and lock themselves into distinct percussive patterns. Similar to the approach of the likes of SND, Kirk teases the temporality in house and footwork styles to scribe his own skittering dancefloor style.
LEYDEN JARS – TOO MUCH OF NOT ENOUGH London-based duo Leyden Jars welcome us to their world across a set of 4 breezy improvisations. In it oneiric synth washes, kosmische arpeggios and glittering melodies drift softly over an open plain, blending with one another to take the shape of songs and wandering soundscapes. Natalie’s voice floats in and out of the fray as an instrument in itself, breathing heavenly laments like a ghost singing through the floorboards.


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