How Tangerine Dream conquered the UK charts in the 70s 

Source: Louder.

It’s April 1974 and Melody Maker can hardly believe the news: weirdo German eggheads Tangerine Dream are in the official Top 20 Album Chart with a strange piece of instrumental work called Phaedra. Its placing is even higher in the Maker’s own listings.

Not only are there no vocals, there are no hooks and precious little guitar. Instead there are Moogs, hulking great synths and 11-minute drones with titles like Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares. Affronted by such flagrant disregard for rock’n’roll protocol, the music weekly duly lays in.

“As far as I’m concerned,” wrote critic Steve Lake, “Phaedra is gutless and spineless, devoid of inspiration, imagination or plain old-fashioned funk. But maybe a few hundred thousand potential record buyers can’t be wrong.”