New Releases From Midira Records 


Jean D.L. & Otto Lindholm “Apophenia” (Tape)
Debut collaboration album, featuring dark soundscapes created by guitar and double bass.

Stratosphere “Collaborations II” (CD | CD+USB Deluxe Boxset)
Featuring Aidan Baker, Dirk Serries, N, Ashtoreth and Tom Malmendier. What to say more than this.

Ringhof “Ballad For Heavy Lids” (Tape)
Massive dronetracks build by electronic soundscapes. A massive emotional soundjourney.

Alberto Lucendo “Wonderful Losers” (Vinyl)
The fragile, floating and levitating ambient tracks, unfurl their impact in a very gentle way.

Yodok & Massimo Pupillo “V” (CD)
Yodok played an improvised session with Massimo Pupillo (Zu). The result is a 59 minutes beast.

Scatterwound x Duane Pitre “CB” (Tape)
A 15 minutes noise drone wall by Dirk Serries and N on one side and an ambient rework by Duane Pitre on the other side.

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