New Neither / Nor Releases

Source: Neither / Nor.

Stress Positions is Joe Moffett’s second solo studio album release. In this collection of pieces he produces mangled, oscillating, chittering noises, a collision of muscle, bone, and metal. The contortions herein were carried out in the spirit of the glossolalic and obsessive.

A Blink in the Sun is the second solo album by bassist and poet Sean Ali. The album is composed of many layers of bass and spoken word that have been shaped into seven musical pieces that depict an inner journey, a joyful dive into the interior rabbit hole. Speaking, whispering, and breathing combine with spectral and timbral double bass performances to create a series of self-portraits in sonic hues and oratorial pigments. The album’s journey through density to translucence is a musical meditation on the multi-faceted nature of the self.

In the summer of 2018, while in Rome, Carlo Costa recorded a long-form improvisation inside an old grain silo. For the recording he solely used found objects that were close by: branches, bricks, logs, metal pipes, stones, gardening tools, etc. The piece, entitled Silos, explores the reverberant acoustics of the silo and the interaction between Costa’s gestures and the sounds of the surrounding environment: cicadas, passing vehicles and planes, dogs barking, etc.