Four Recent Releases from Eddie Prévost Reviewed

Source: London Jazz News.

Free improv – or improvised music as I prefer to call it – brings to mind an image of high energy and intense music, and the use of extended techniques. This perception, however, fails to do justice to the range of music that now comes under the improvised music banner. It can just as easily be gentle and contemplative as it can intense and extreme; it can be largely acoustic or make use of electronics; it can draw on features of other styles of jazz, or can be totally free of such features.

These four CDs with groups led by drummer Eddie Prévost provide excellent examples of the range of improvised music. Prevost was a founder member of the AMM group in the 1960s, and in that group developed an approach to drumming and percussion that focussed on sound and texture. However, in these recordings made between 2012 and 2020, Prevost’s approach to drumming seems to be closer to one that draws on his jazz roots without losing his sensitivity to sound and texture. In these four albums we have three trio sessions and a reunion of the late 1970s Eddie Prevost Quartet. The music ranges from more introspective improvisation to electronic interaction and more extrovert high energy playing.