Harry Sword’s Monolithic Undertow Reviewed

Source: The Quietus.

New book Monolithic Undertow promises “an outer stellar orbit of sounds underpinned by the drone”. Mathew Lyons follows the thread from the dawn of time to Sunn O))) and Sarah Davachi

Where do you begin with something that has no beginning? The drone – music characterised by the stasis of a constant tone – is so old a concept it might not be an idea at all, but simply a human refraction of the sound of the universe. It is there in the Om chant of Vedic ceremony; it is there in the music of the aulos, the double pipe of Classical Greece, which, at some 2,500 years old, is amongst the oldest readable notation in the world; it is there in the frequencies of the universe itself. A black hole in the Perseus Cluster, Harry Sword writes in Monolithic Undertow, has been recorded by scientists at Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy; it emits a B flat. What did the Big Bang sound like? “It wasn’t really a bang at all,” a professor of physics tells Sword. “It was more of a drone than a bang