Complete Communion: Jazz For March Reviewed 

Source: The Quietus.

Lockdown has continued to be good for archival material, and the French imprint Dark Tree has been exemplary with its excavations of music from the potent but often overlooked Los Angeles scene during the 1970s and 1980s. In 2021 the imprint has complemented previous titles by Horace Tapscott, Vinny Golia, and John Carter & Bobby Bradford with a gem from bassist Roberto Miranda.

Live At Bing Theater features Miranda’s Home Music Ensemble, a 1985 concert which brought together Tapscott, Carter, Bradford, and flautist James Newton in the same band for the first time. Although known as a sideman, Miranda’s writing for the 11-member ensemble is assured, varied, and absorbing. Most importantly, it provides the excellent band plenty of grist for the improvisational mill.