Frank London Interviewed

Source: The Ingathering.

London was a founding member of the Klezmer Conservatory Band—a group that grew from a single student concert at the New England Conservatory in 1980—and which became a major force during the early days of the klezmer revival. He was a founding member—again—a few years later, of the boundary-pushing, Grammy Award-winning ensemble, the Klezmatics, just as the revival was hitting its more experimental second wave. In the 1990s, he cofounded Hasidic New Wave with saxophonist, Greg Wall, which is a band that reimagines Hasidic nigunim in the context of improvisatory spiritual jazz. In more recent years, he’s worked as a member of Jon Madof’s Fela-Kuti-meets-Shlomo-Carlebach Jewish flavored afrobeat group, Zion80, as well as his own group, the Klezmer Brass Allstars. And that’s just scratching the surface.

London has performed, collaborated, toured, directed, composed, and performed in myriad projects with artists as diverse as David Byrne, LL Cool J, Mel Tormé, John Zorn, and on and on; not to mention his experiences playing countless weddings, bar mitzvahs, sessions, and basically anything that comes his way.