Lubomyr Melnyk Interviewed

Source: BOMB Magazine.

The spiral is a well-worshipped symbol and tool for believers in the pre-ordained. Cosmological truth seekers and acid-trippers have united to find this shape in nearly everything since 1,170 AD when a reputed mathematician named Fibonacci coined a mathematical sequence known as the Golden Ratio. It can be found in the cochlea of the ear, the folds of our genome sequence, even in emotional systems, and this pattern is believed to connect the individual to the arms of the galaxy. To many, it represents order in nature, evidence of divine design and the faith that all life is interconnected. Its coil is a shape and movement tied to transcendence and the power of Earth’s gravity; everything that rises must still fall, but softly and slowly.

This physical experience is the backbone of Continuous Music, a piano technique based on a complex series of notes performed so rapidly that the sounds blend into a swirl, a brisk wind of arpeggios that lifts listeners into the spiral. Lubomyr Melnyk is the Ukrainian pianist and composer who founded this compositional practice for which he has become revered. He is the fastest pianist alive, and one of our world’s greatest living composers.