A Closer Listen’s Spring Music Preview 2021: Ambient and Drone 

Source: A Closer Listen.

Over the course of the week, we’ll be bringing you nearly 300 albums to peruse: the initial salvo of what will eventually be thousands of spring albums. We do this because we are fans first, and reviewers second. Three times a year, we’re proud to present the most comprehensive instrumental music preview on the planet. Between seasonal previews, we post samples of upcoming releases on the page of the same name. We also suggest that readers check our More Music Sites page (formerly Links) to discover sales sites whose Coming Soon pages are updated daily.

We suspect that you will use this as a shopping list, as we do. You probably won’t want to buy a few ambient albums a day for the entire season (though you could), but hopefully we can point you in the direction of a few to purchase this spring. We are living in an era of unprecedented musical wealth ~ so please support these artists in any way you can. And now, the first of this week’s five spring previews!