Coming Releases From Moderna Records

Source: Moderna Records.

Hiroco.M – Still EP
We’re so pleased to release Japanese composer & pianist Hiroco.M’s new EP Still into the world. This set of pieces for solo piano is defined by its warmth of character and riveting storytelling. Recorded on a soft upright piano, she invites each listener to join her at the piano for an intimate and personal experience.

Pêtr Aleksänder – Remains of the Day
We’re very excited to announce that we’re working with UK duo Pêtr Aleksänder on their upcoming LP! An alternative modern classical band comprising of Tom Hobden and Eliot James, the band creates an expansive, cinematic, richly textured sound filled with strings, electronic undercurrents, and their signature, creaky, muted piano. Their new material is fresh and uplifting, which you can hear in this first piece from their new recording sessions.

Stefán Hafsteinsson :: Ótta
We’re pleased to introduce Icelandic composer Stefán Hafsteinsson! He is brand new to the scene and to our roster, and has been diligently working on his debut EP Heima, which we’ll release this April. We think you’ll love it, and you can discover what he’s crafting with the record’s lead single Ótta for solo piano wherever you get your music.