The Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: February 2021

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

The beauty in the washed tones, bright synths, and reverberating drones of ambient music is their versatility; they imbue the spaces they occupy—in headphones, or via live performance—with depth, texture, and greater meaning, but in turn they reflect the shapes and sounds of their environments. That’s especially true for some of the best February ambient releases on Bandcamp: Animal Collective provides warmth and introspection to a documentary about internet rappers, Florian T M Zeisig creates therapy for insomnia inspired by a vibroacoustic mattress, and Nick Schofield sonically conjures Canadian architectural marvels. Though their techniques and instruments may be totally distinct, these records all share the ability to transform the environs of the listener, even if it’s just the four walls of your apartment.