What’s the Most Out-There Album Ever? 

Source: The Guardian.

In April a new album, Sounds of the Unborn, is being released by an up-and-coming young artist. So young, in fact, that when they cash their first PRS cheque it’ll be to buy a round of babyccinos. The movements of now-infant artist Luca Yupanqui were recorded in the womb by her parents during five hour-long “joint meditation” sessions and turned into wobbly synth drones. It follows other unique concept albums around lifecycles, such as electronic music duo Matmos’s A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure, made primarily of recordings of medical procedures, or Matthew Herbert’s One Pig, which followed a pig from birth to slaughter. Avant garde music has long held this thirst to pioneer at its core – but what is the most out-there record ever made?