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Second Harmonic Series Newsletter is Out

Source: Harmonic Series.

I interview Sergio Merce, born and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and probably best known for playing the microtonal saxophone he created about a decade ago. Over email exchanges, we talk about the foundations of his practice, from instruments to concepts to influences. Significant insights include experiencing music as an alternate reality and striving not to be, but to do.

John McCowen – Mundana I & Mundana IV

Stephanie Aston & Davið Brynjar Franzson – voice fragments (Carrier Records, 2021)
Daniel Barbiero – In/Completion (EndTitles, 2020)
Jeremiah Cymerman / Charlie Looker – A Horizon Made of Canvas (Astral Spirits, 2021)
EKG – 200 Years of Electricals (self-released, 2021)
Zachary Good and Ben Roidl-Ward – arb (Carrier Records, 2021)
George Lewis – The Recombinant Trilogy (New Focus Recordings, 2021)
LOTE – Radu Malfatti: hensou (2017) (self-released, 2021)
Roy Montgomery – Island of Lost Souls (Grapefruit, 2021)
Anthony Pateras – Pseudacusis (Bocian, 2021)
Quatuor Bozzini – Alvin Lucier: Navigations (Collection QB, 2021)
Mariel Roberts – Armament (self-released, 2021)
Ingrid Schmoliner / Adam Pultz Melbye / Emilio Gordoa – GRIFF (Inexhaustible Editions, 2020)
USA/Mexico – Del Rio (12XU/Riot Season, 2021)