Cuneiform Records Upcoming Releases

Source: Cuneiform Records.

DAVID BORDEN – Heaven-Kept Soul

One of America’s greatest classical minimalist composers, David Borden (b. 1938) has written some of minimalism’s most significant works despite being less widely known than contemporaries Terry Riley, Phillip Glass and Steve Reich. The composer and keyboardist is also an electronic music pioneer; as leader of Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co., the world’s first synth ensemble, Borden was intimately familiar with Bob Moog’s Trumansburg warehouse and wrote works to be played on the inventor’s early instruments. Over the years, Borden has written numerous works for both solo performance and ensembles of various size (including Mother Mallard), and for acoustic, electric and electronic instrumentation, in addition to also writing for dance. The 21st century classical fugues for piano released here by Cuneiform Records are among his recent works.

GABRIEL BORDEN – Borden on Borden : Gabriel Borden Plays David Borden

A solo tour-de-force of post-classical guitar (acoustic and multi-tracked electric guitar) and classical minimalism. Guitarist Gabriel Borden plays music by composer David Borden, including works from his father’s The Continuing Story of Counterpoint (Cuneiform Records, 3 CDs), the classical minimalist masterpiece that critics have called “‘the Goldberg Variations of Minimalism’ of minimalism, a canon of work that defines a style and an era.” Jaw dropping in complexity, elegance, precision and force, Borden on Borden: Gabriel Borden Plays David Borden is a masterwork in which performance, composition and recording/production are intimately entwined.

ALAN GOWEN & HUGH HOPPER with Nigel Morris – Bracknell-Bresse Improvisations

Melodic improvisations by two greatly missed British jazz-rock giants and Canterbury icons, keyboardist Alan Gowen and bassist Hugh Hopper