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Machinefabriek – With Drums
For With Drums I invited more than 40 musicians to record drum/percussion fills or phrases. This was an absolute blast to make… so much fun! Most drummers I contacted were immediatly enthousiastic. With 24 short and punchy tracks, the result sounds unlike any Machinefabriek album. The complete list of contributors is on my Bandcamp page, but to name a few: Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Thor Harris (Xiu Xiu, Swans), Tony Buck (The Necks), Julian Sartorius, Jim White (Dirty Three, Smog), Karen Willems, Josiah Wolf (Why?), and many more. The amazing scrap-face cover art was done by Henk Loorbach.

Performance video with Iván Pérez
Luchtwezen, the piece I created with Berlinde Deman last year, is now used as the soundtrack for a performance film with Iván Pérez, directed by Christiano Leone. It was made for the Spanish ambassy in Italy. The 13 minute video shows Iván dancing about in and around the beautiful Tempietto in Rome. In typical South European fashion, it’s all a bit dramatic, but especially the scene outside is beautiful.

Kunst in het Kort
Museum Voorlinden videos
I’ve talked about this in a previous update, but in the meantime there’s a few more videos about works in Voorlinden’s art collection added. Museum director Suzanne Swarts shows us pieces from Ai Weiwei, Christian Andersson, John DeAndrea, Piet Oudof, Krijn de Koning, and many more. It’s all soundtracked by an updated version of The Drummer, which appeared on my De Jonge Jaren download compilation.

CM_30 juggling performance
by Kolja Huneck
I’ve been working on the music for Kolja Huneck’s solo juggling/light performance CM_30 for some time now. There is a première planned, but as you know, these are precarious times, so I’ll refrain from giving more info until things are more certain. Keep an eye out!
For now, there’s a short ‘making of’ teaser video.