An Updated Guide to the Many Sun Ra Albums on Bandcamp 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Maybe it was written in the glow of the stars—or, more likely, foretold in the Blackness that surrounds them! Over the past few years, growth in the collective admiration for the music, art, and philosophy of the Afrofuturist keyboardist and composer Sun Ra, and his band The Arkestra, has been phenomenal to behold, matched only by the volume of his own available recordings.

The Sun Ra discography’s march from decades of outsider cult status towards the vicinity of the 20th century’s canon has undoubtedly been aided by the fact that The Sun Ra Arkestra remains a fully active unit 27 years after their founder’s passing (thanks in no small part to the leadership of 96-years-young alto saxophonist, Marshall Allen). Yet among this journey’s most curious aspects is how much of Sun Ra’s eccentricity has been allowed to remain intact—the interest he’s gained not despite it, but largely because of it—and how it has attracted a multitude of contemporary perspectives. Listen to Sun Ra albums in 2021 and his work can be rightfully placed in a multitude of frames.