A New Wave of Jazz Digital Event on March 20

ALAN WILKINSON (bass clarinet, alto sax)
MARTINA VERHOEVEN (piano) & PATRICK DE GROOTE (trumpet, flugelhorn)
BENEDICT TAYLOR (viola) & TOM JACKSON (clarinet)
PETER JACQUEMYN (double bass) & DIRK SERRIES (guitar)
COLIN WEBSTER (alto sax) & ANDREW LISLE (drums)

While we remain under the spell of this terrible pandemic, we’re trying to look towards the future with new creativity, trying to find ways to share our passion. We know it’s not the same than actually being present in the heat of an improvised concert but let us hope that this exclusive digital event, made with funding of the Flemish government, will help you and us to burn through this isolation. Lock in and subscribe to our youtube channel as we plan to bring you more live concerts in the near future.

Our digital event takes places on Saturday March 20th, 2021 at 8pm (UTC). Tune in already, this way you’ll be notified when the event kicks off that Saturday.